Science for Seminaries Faculty Enrichment Retreat Application

Purpose & Outcomes

PURPOSE These faculty enrichment retreats will showcase the work of each project seminary. Designed to be intimate workshops with seminary peers, mentors, and scientist advisors, each retreat will guide invited attendees in gathering new ideas for enriching theological education with forefront science into their own curriculum design. Working in an ecclesial family group setting, each gathering will balance plenary presentations, workshops, and small group discussions with time for reflection.



·Provide opportunities to develop new pedagogical skills, while critically reflecting and exploring approaches to integrating science into their core curriculum

·Learn from current project faculty best practices on the integration of science into core curriculum

·Create relationships and networks for partnerships and mentorships within the seminary and scientific communities

·Learn how to find, evaluate, and utilize scientific resources

Contribute to building capacity for the broader seminary community to have positive dialogue on issues at the intersection of religion and science.